JiYo Wear

Our mission is to create a brand that reflects the true and free spirit of parkour and freerunning. JiYo Wear can be used for both sportswear and everyday streetwear. The fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure absolute comfort and freedom.

JiYo means “Freedom” in Japanese and “Ji” and "Yo" are buddhistic expressions for “Use and yourself”.


Our vision is to provide cool, quality clothing for freerunners and traceurs all over the world. Our philosophy is the total “FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT” – we want you to feel free when you move, to see your surroundings like your playground and to create maximum creativity to always express yourself.

Our vision is also to make the world a better place, not only by inspiring and encourage people to move, but we have also a cooperation with the environmental organisation “ONE PERCENT FOR THE PLANET” which means that 1 % of our total annual sales will go directly to the support of environmental organisations around the world.